In the spirit of Mother’s Day, it’s crucial to acknowledge and celebrate mothers’ immeasurable contributions to our lives and the very fabric of society. Mothers are the nurturers of life and the architects of the foundational values and principles that shape us. Their love, wisdom, and guidance are pivotal in moulding our characters, fostering resilience, and teaching compassion. This sentiment, eloquently shared by Mr. John May, Trustee of the Global Osteoporosis Foundation, captures the essence of mothers as the social glue that holds society together. Their unwavering commitment and sacrifices enable us to thrive and evolve as compassionate, strong individuals.

However, amidst our celebrations, we must also address a significant health concern that affects women disproportionately — osteoporosis. The statistic that one in two women is at risk of experiencing an osteoporosis-related fracture in her lifetime highlights the urgent need for awareness and preventive action. Early identification of risk factors plays a crucial role in combating this disease. We encourage taking the first step by utilizing the self-assessment tool available at Sticks & Stones, designed to help women gauge their risk and take proactive measures to protect their bone health.

At the London Osteoporosis Clinic, we are dedicated to supporting mothers and all women on their journey toward stronger bones and overall well-being. Our privilege is to offer comprehensive support, including complementary resources focused on nutritional advice and exercise regimens tailored for bone strength. Our programs, encompassing strength training, yoga, and Pilates, are specifically designed to bolster bone health and mitigate the risk of osteoporosis. For those interested in taking proactive steps towards maintaining bone health, we invite you to book a class through Calendly, where you can find a schedule that fits your needs.

This Mother’s Day, let’s extend our gratitude beyond words by committing to the health and well-being of our mothers. By empowering them with the tools and knowledge to combat osteoporosis, we honour their role in our lives and contribute significantly to their quality of life. Let us remember the teachings and sacrifices of our mothers by ensuring they have the strength to continue their invaluable contributions to our lives and society.

We offer our deepest gratitude and respect to all the remarkable mothers who inspire, teach, and love unconditionally. Your health and well-being are as important to us as they are to you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mr. John May, Trustee of the Global Osteoporosis Foundation, and the team at the London Osteoporosis Clinic.

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