Osteoporosis leads to 8.9 million fractures worldwide annually, with 500,000 fractures occurring in the UK alone. Regrettably, after a fracture, most individuals do not undergo an assessment or receive optimal treatment.

Osteoporosis clinics often fail to screen or treat many patients with the condition. For instance, only 2 in 10 individuals undergo scans, and a small number receive appropriate treatment.

One fracture often leads to many more fractures, osteoporosis Clinic is a progressive condition.

Appropriate assessment and treatment prevent further fractures, disability, and mortality associated with osteoporosis.

Many patients stop treatment, some 50% at six months (various reasons), and others may take some treatments for inappropriately prolonged periods and increase the risk of fractures!

It is possible to optimize bone health at any age and is preventable.  Please share info about osteoporosis Clinic awareness and help prevent suffering.

Togather we can eradicate osteoporosis by optimising bone and general health.  Please visit the website and contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you for your support in raising awareness.

Medicines for osteoporosis

According to the Professor, “For more than two decades we have known that drugs which reduce the rate of bone breakdown (bone resorption) significantly reduce the likelihood of fractures at the hip, the spine, and for many drugs at other non-spine sites.”

“The main class of drugs used is the bisphosphonates, such as alendronate and risedronate,” he continues. Anyone with osteoporosis can receive a prescription for them because they are affordable and generally safe in the short term. Typically, individuals take a pill once a week for osteoporosis treatment.

Gynecologists acknowledge that while changing one’s lifestyle alone cannot fully minimize fractures, HRT is considered the most effective option for women due to bone loss caused by a lack of estrogen.

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